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Název : Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management
Obor : Administrativa
Název organizace : Institute for Minority Rights - EURAC Bozen/Bolzano, Italy
Typ : rekvalifikační kurz
Region : 
Text : 

Deadline for application: 30.04.2010

The Summer School deals with the complexities of human and minority rights and diversity management in Europe mainly through the discussion of the international and interregional protection mechanisms of the United Nations, the OSCE and the Council of Europe. Moreover, the wide range of linguistic, educational and political rights to be found in different national constitutional systems will be explored.


A special focus explores the concept of cultural diversity under EC law as gaining more and more significance beyond the context of minority protection, as well as the phenomena of immigration and social inclusion. The Summer School will attempt to clarify what it is that forms the core of European identity and whether this factor can overcome the ethno-national legacies of the past.

WHAT DO WE OFFER?We offer not only an in-depth overview on human and minority rights but also the possibility to discuss their implementation with international leading academics, lawyers and practitioners from international organisations.


As a conclusion to the Summer School participants will participate in an international conference presenting the final results of the research project: MIMI – Minority Protection in Central Europe. Thus students will have the opportunity of engaging in expert discussions about the implementation of minority rights and its impact on those concerned.


The program is tailored for civil servants from local, regional or national administrations who primarily deal with the minority related issues and therefore require both theoretical and practical training in diversity management; lawyers, economists, social scientists and others in the employment of non-governmental organisations wishing to enhance inter-disciplinary skills and to specialise within different aspects of European integration and diversity; journalists and teachers interested in the recent developments and advanced training in the related fields; Master and PhD students, graduates, wishing to acquire greater competitive personal competence beneficial for a future career in the academia or practice-orientated professions.

Please submit the application form on http://www.eurac.edu/NR/rdonlyres/678C0927-893B-4DEA-863A-DC1B946BB829/0/ApplicationFormSummerschool.pdf  together with a motivation statement and a short essay on the topics spelled out in the application form until 01.04.2010 to meir@eurac.edu

Cena : 500€
Začátek : 21.06.2010
Konec : 02.07.2010
Kontakt : EURAC Drususallee/Viale Druso 1, 391 00 Bozen/Bolzano, e-mail: meir@eurac.edu, tel. : +39 0471 055 222

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